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//So I wanted to post a song for 900 followers( which at this point I’m a bit past that…I never thought I would get that many…ever) XDD but anyway, I took some time to decide what song I wanted to do XDD not sure if this sounds great but Idk I kind of feel like this song fit Eren really well SO yeah…thanks for following me!! and I hope to RP with many of you!!! Thank you for the support ;________;


Send me ’ ~♫’ For my muse to sing to yours, with random lyrics from a song the mun heard recently.

                           Shadow Lover- Heather Alexander


"Shadow-Lover, never seen by day,
Only deep in dreams do you appear
Wisdom tells me I should turn away,
Love of mist and shadows, all unclear-
Nothing can I hold of you but thought
Shadow-Lover mist and twilight wrought.”


While the discovery of the Hermina notebooks were primarily of interest to paleotitanologists, certain pages also contained surprisingly sensitive portraits of the artist’s fellow soldiers. Among these are drawings of two women believed to be the famed Lance Corporal Ackerman and Commander Smith, whose official likenesses were never recorded.

—Walled Cities: Life in the Age of Titans (Trost Museum, 2026)

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Anonymous: I demand u draw Talia and Dirk smooching, I don't care what ur style is plz do it



"Their joy in each other seemed to brighten the very air around them"

This was actually fun to draw, and this could be either Kris or Dirk depending on which way you turn your head to. I’ve always imagined Dirk with longer hair like Kris so yeah. 

Send me ’ ~♫’ For my muse to sing to yours, with random lyrics from a song the mun heard recently.

I fear using the school computers because I don’t know if I’m going to get my ear blasted out when I turn on youtube

I’ve been doing everything except role play on this blog and that’s really annoying. My Mikasa muse is going away and I don’t know when it’s coming back so I may just put this blog on hiatus for a while

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1. What’s your Name? Taylor, but I’ve been called both of my sisters names, and Tyler by several adults. Feel free to call me Tyler if you really want I give you permission. I’ve also been called Penelope too 

2. When is your birthday? April 22nd

3. Where are you from? New Mexico

4. Have a crush? Well I kinda have to if I’m dating a guy for almost two years. 

5. What’s your favourite colour? Red

6. Write something in caps? KRIS MAKES ME SAD OKAY

7. Favourite band/Artist? Korpkilaani, I don’t have a favorite exactly but I have their Manala album

8. Favourite number? 4

9. Favourite drink? Lemonade

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