minimikasaackerman: M!A Stall me for one day. Forget about Eren, it's all about you for now.

Late to reply but yes this sounds good

titanbutcherkasa: "Not everyone that you lose is a loss."


Tamar briefly wondered what it was the dark haired woman had meant, was loss occasionally good if the people were toxic? Or that any loss in the Survey Corps was hardly a loss due to the very nature of how things worked and the goal in general. She had yet to experience the pleasure of losing someone without it being a loss, instead of pondering further the medic turned to look at the rather striking stranger. There was a million and one things that she felt like saying, so many ways to respond to those seven words. That had confused her, those words would probably keep her up tonight.


"I don’t understand. Isn’t everything you lose a loss in some way or another?"

"Not all the time," She stated, thinking back to the past of how things played out. In a way, she was correct. "Sometimes things are gained by losing something. Without the loss someone gave up we couldn’t have gotten where we are now." Really that was the only way Mikasa could describe what she was talking about. She bit her lip, pondering going further.

"What I mean is…no, nevermind." Mikasa couldn’t possibly begin to explain how she was feeling. "I’ve taken up your space for far too long."

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Stillness, 2013 | by Nuno Andrade


"Sheep Mountain" (color version) by Eileen Kitayama 2014.


So 1 A.M me doesn’t have good priorities (like sleeping) so I decided it would be a good idea to draw Rolan even though I haven’t the faintest idea how to draw horses. You can kinda tell where I got lazy with his mane.


"I do not regret doing this."



titanbutcherkasa JFC look at this! I am laughing so hard xD did I make her short enough? Hahaha

She’s perfect.

Mags I can’t believe I went this long without realizing you were following this blog you sneak

Black cats aren’t as good as you think because once it gets dark you can’t see them at all. So get a cat but be careful so that you don’t trip over them in the middle of the night

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