I miss you so much my lungs have forgotten how to breathe. —Elana Johnson, Possession (via quoted-books)

Random school administrators appearing right when I’m on tumblr with music on to ask about the grade webpage thing. Right at an eruri picture

A Warrior’s Song - Closed RP with titanbutcherkasa


      Marco was ecstatic. He readjusted his clothing, patting his shoulders to clean up the leaves and dust, and tugged his satchel so it was in proper position. There, now he was ready for a knightly adventure. Wow, a knightly adventure… just the word “adventure” set his heart pounding. And with Mikasa Ackerman too.

      Marco realized he must have died. There was no way the universe was this kind to him. He’d fallen off the tree, snapped his neck, and was now in Heaven, and to soften the shock God was giving him an illusion of an angel. Or he’d been violently torn apart by those pillagers. Either way made him sweat nervously as a panic attack started to settle in. He checked himself over. I don’t feel dead, he thought.

      "Thank you, fair knight! So then, how will we go about investigating this atrocity?" He looked around the area. Oh right, Mikasa only had one horse. Which meant… he’d get to ride the horse with her? "Ah, Mikasa… I guess we should go on the horse? I’ll just sit behind you, since I’ve, uh, um, never really," he looked down in embarrassment, cheeks flushed, ”ridden a horse before…” Bards weren’t really esteemed enough to have horses of their own. They didn’t travel much either, so they just used their own two feet.

She sighed, looking defeated. “I don’t know yet, you Bards tend to forget that I’m not as smart as your songs make me out to be.” Mikasa really wasn’t as smart and clever as others thought, that would be her brother’s best friend, who was a scholar in the capital. She gave a tentative smile, obviously unused to being around people for so long. Most of her days were spent by herself and her horse.

Mikasa chewed on the inside of her cheek, shifting her weight onto another foot. “What’s your name Bard?” She asked, finishing getting her horse ready and looking him over. He looked plain, taller than she was, and had a homely face to him. The man was around her age, but was giving her a look of adoration behind the general embarrassment. Mikasa hated being around people for that reason, and she hated being so famous. It just kinda, happened one day. “And I can give you a crash course in riding, no sense in making you walk miles everyday.”

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Agreed. I have one more formal rp draft that I sorely need to get to before my partner thinks I flaked on them but yes. We do need to have a thread.

I’m very slowly getting my muse back, but it doesn’t quite have the life that it had before I went on hiatus which is really sad



       "Then why did you stop? I don’t recall me saying that you were allowed to interrupt your training ― keep going." He wouldn’t confront her about her lie about her identity and her gender just now, it was best to wait until the training was over to hear her explanation. For Levi, it made no sense to interrupt the training, it could be her last training session after all.

       This situation was difficult, he saw her potential and she would make a good knight with the right teacher and enough training, but she was a girl. They didn’t let girls train in becoming a knight, even if Levi spoke up for her. The only thing he knew right now, that he didn’t want to let this talent go to waste. Tapping with his foot on the floor, he tried to come up with a conclusion before the training was over. 


       "Keep in mind that real swords are a lot heavier than this wooden one, don’t see it as an object, move it like it’s an extension of your arm, let it be part of yourself. Find the balance between striking a target and piercing through its armor."

She nodded, gripping the practice blade tighter in her hands. Mikasa took more time into thinking about her actions, trying to replicate what he was telling her to do. 

It was harder than she expected, and by the time the other boys were done with their water break she was sweating harder than they would all day. The highborns wouldn’t understand the idea of hard work, few would make it past the first day of training. Eventually, Mikasa did begin to understand how the blade was supposed to work, trying to make it an extension of her arm and move fluidly. Of course, she was far from perfect, she wouldn’t be for several years, but her potential that she didn’t know she had was showing.

Finally, it seemed like forever ago that she first snuck into the training did he finally let her stop. Mikasa was sweating and breathing heavily, practically sinking to the ground when he let her rest. She’d never worked that hard in her entire life, not even when she was running around her home trying to escape the maids trying to make her into a proper young woman.

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I have returned from the whole in which I have come from 

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Baby armin is cuter than your baby sister

So yeah, I haven’t had my Mikasa muse in a couple weeks so I’ll be  going onto an official unofficial hiatus until I get her back. I’ll be posting things but not as many rp’s so please put up with me until I return fully

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